Arbitration & Mediation Practice of  Jerome F. Rock

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Jerome Rock is an attorney, an engineer, and an experienced business executive in the high technology and construction industries.  He can offer specialized expertise and experience to parties seeking assistance from an Arbitrator to resolve complex construction and commercial disputes. 

Subject Matter Qualifications

Mr. Rock has degrees in Mechanical and Civil Engineering, and has been an executive in the high tech and construction industry and has held a residential builder's license in the State of Michigan.  He is also a LEED® Green Associate, an Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council. 

He is confident with complex scientific and technical issues that may leave otherwise qualified ADR professionals at a disadvantage because of a "technology barrier".  Too often, advocates struggle with the uncertainty whether the Arbitrator or Mediator understands the vocabulary of the dispute and can discern the nuances that are often at the foundation of the conflict.

Mr. Rock's extensive experience as a business executive as well as a lawyer provides a context for understanding commercial transactions in real world terms.

Managing the Arbitration Hearing

Mr. Rock prefers to be active in managing the Arbitration process, starting with an initial in-person Preliminary Hearing or Management Conference, and depending on circumstances, a Site Inspection or Investigation. At the Hearing, the Rules of Evidence are relaxed, video conferencing is acceptable, Narrative  Witness Statements and Tandem Examination of Expert Witnesses (often referred to as "hot tubbing") are encouraged.  Dispositive Motions will be considered under proper conditions.

Supported by State of the Art Technology 

Document management and data exchange are facilitated through the use of Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional®.  Documents in all formats can be electronically scanned and made "searchable", regardless of original format.  Adobe Portfolio permits the exchange of large files in user friendly methods, providing multiple layers of content, while preserving the original document appearance and format integrity. Document exchange and management can be accomplished efficiently prior to on-site participation at the hearings.  Computer based video conferencing can also be used to address administrative topics associated with the hearing.

Leadership in managing E-Discovery

Mr. Rock has completed training in Electronic Discovery in Arbitration, and is able to assume a leadership role in coordinating the  submission and exchange of documents and information in complex cases and where appropriate, can direct litigation support personnel for the purpose of establishing uniform standards for submission and retrieval of information.