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Facilitated Negotiations

Using Interest Based Negotiation principals, Jerome Rock will participate in business planing, strategy discussions or negotiations as an advisor or active participant or facilitation program leader.  

As an experienced Mediator, Jerome Rock has developed strong skills at designing the agenda and controlling small groups of adverse parties to achieve settlement objectives during what are termed "Joint Sessions".


These same skills are readily applied to cooperative business environments, where  both parties are interested in achieving common  objectives.


Jerome Rock has strong subject matter qualifications as an engineer, a former business executive, a business and construction attorney, and now a full time Neutral.  He is quick to grasp technical issues and is an assertive leader in the problem solving approach.

Mr. Rock has experience acting as a Neutral Facilitator in business negotiations and as facilitation program leader in the ESD Institute "Bridges of Innovation" Symposium series sponsored by the Engineering Society of Detroit.