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Zoom Video Conferencing

I am an experienced HOST using the Zoom Video Conferencing Platform.  The following are illustrative examples:

  • Arbitration Preliminary Hearings and Pre-Hearing Conferences.

  • In Person Arbitration Hearings using Video Conferencing for remote Witness examination and cross examination.

  • Arbitration Hearings conducted entirely using Zoom Video Conferencing

  • Mediation Pre-Hearing conferences with each side, separately, well in advance of the formal Hearing.

  • Working Sessions - The conference room like settings where the staff members of each side participate in a fact based exchange of information for the purpose of better understanding each side's respective positions.  The Mediator moderates this Working Session.  Using Drop box, or similar document sharing applications, parties can view documents during the video conference.

  • Formal Mediation Hearings.  Zoom provides private break out rooms that can be set up by the Host.  The break out rooms mirror the use of the Caucus Rooms in In Person Mediation.  The Mediator can be present, or excluded from the Private breakout rooms.  The Joint Session involves all the parties in the same discussion group.

  • I have prepared an Outline and set of Instruction for conducting a Zoom video conference for both Mediation and Arbitration.  Please download the documents.

Please contact me if you are interested in arranging for ZOOM Video Conference Support for Arbitration or Mediation engagements.

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